Put Equine Joints at Ease

Caring For Your Horses’ Joints

Luckily for you, taking care of your health is a daily routine. From brushing and flossing to yearly checkups and medications, it’s easy to keep yourself healthy. However, our furry or hardworking pets aren’t always as easy to manage.

While veterinarians are a good solution for your horses, it’s not always easy to find a vet to make house calls. And, as your horse ages, its joints, and other systems will begin to age as well. Whether your horse is a competition horse or just for a casual ride, taking care of equine joint problems is vital.

However, there are some ways to make the equine joint pain and discomfort go away even as the horse ages.


Get Your Horse’s Equine Joint Ready for Competition

Equine joints in the legs, both front, and back, are the first to experience discomfort. From daily riding to intense competitions, horses are some of the strongest animals but they can also need a little extra help after a particularly hard ride.

Healthy Steps has a variety of products available to help your horses have a more easy ride and a more comfortable life. Joint-Eze is a natural and drug-free way to treat equine joint pain without losing any of the effectiveness.

Joint-Eze contains four Glucosamines instead of the normal dosages that other brands carry. This gives your horse’s equine joints the best defense against arthritis and discomfort. The pharmaceutical grade raw materials are all natural to ensure you’re not overmedicating your horses. Plus, no side effects!

It also comes in an easy to store and maintain container that you can use whenever you need. There are no dosages, so no messy cleanup. It’s FDA-approved to guarantee you have a safe and effective way to treat your horses.

Healthy Steps can help you keep your horses healthy. When you notice a decline in your equine joint, don’t wait until it’s too late. Taking the right steps now to keep your horse healthy is the easiest way to ensure their long life. Joint-Eze can be your go-to daily way to treat your horse with the same care that you treat yourself to.